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2017 Technology Trends Forecast

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In January 2017 I did a technology trends forecast, thinking I might make it an annual effort.  So here we are 2 year later and I'm reviewing how I did....    any comments?

Biotech products/technology:

  1. Graphene based biosensors for sale
  2. 1st CRSPR 2.0 genomic editing platform drugs hit market

Digital Penetration:

  1. Voice command device share growth and 1st voice command in cars (native not Applink)
  2. Blockchain standards (Ethereum) will begin re-seeding peer-to-peer with big scaleup in P2P with 5G rollouts (~2018-20)

IT Infrastructure and Software Architecture:

  1. Graph storage model query languages "narrowing down to a few" migrating towards a (few) standards much as SQL did for the relational storage model (e.g. MS "Trinity", Google "mapreduce", Oracle "Spacial", Apache "Neo4j", Teradata "Aster")
  2. Containers take off (Docker vs Kubernetes)
  3. AI "fad" fades, deep neural nets continue to improve more classic apps (classification problems with separate training/runtime) sped up by GPU's / Silicon to include video scene recognition.

Business Models/Companies:

  1. SAAS Consolidation w/continued growth in  hybrid cloud implementations leveraging cloud OS's


  1. Steady Cyberwarfare in the news, speeds security improvements with "Secure Remote Password"  SRP Protocol
  2. Personal Bots continue to flame out (AI hype)

Cool Products:

  1. 1st Folding OLED products (phones/tablets) by Christmas (mfg capacity expansion)
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