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"True expertise only comes after making all possible mistakes" - Neils Bohr Image result for business market technology


I have over 30 years of executive management, marketing and engineering experience in technology industries. I've been involved in 8 startup ventures directly, and another 7 as an angel investor. For the last 7 years I've managed private capital and advise 2-4 companies a year mostly on strategy, marketing and leadership issues. I've served on a number of boards.

As CEO of an early SAAS analytics company I raised venture capital, and launched a new category of web-applications used by engineers in the electronics industry. We showed it to Bill Joy who called it the most advanced web application he had seen.

As co-founder of Brooktree, I grew from first Design Engineer to run Marketing and eventually GM and VP of Business Development. We pioneered bitmap graphics on PC's Steve Jobs attributed the success of the first color Mac to the company while onstage at Moscone Center. Brooktree was also the largest supplier of DSL modems and 2nd largest supplier of pin electronics for ATE equipment. After selling the publicly traded company to a Fortune 100 company, I became a Director of it's broadband networking division. I've lead or been directly involved in an IPO, Domestic and International Mergers and Acquisitions, and precedent setting IP litigation.

Before Brooktree I spent a few years as a contract IC designer whose customer's included Telephone companies and a Korean company interested in expanding their semiconductor capabilities named Samsung. I taught some of their first IC design engineers.

My career started at Texas Instruments where I designed microprocessors (we estimated less than 2000 IC design engineers in the world at the time) and fell in love with software and computing.

I remember growing so fast we couldn't hire enough people, cutting deals on living room floors in Europe and Japan and laying off 1/3 of a company, including good friends, hoping I could make the next payroll. During the 2000 tech bubble crash I made an account call in Washington state but news helicopters were flying overhead because they closed the company the night before ..I've seen a lot of movies.

I'm a part time quant and code systematic trading systems for fun and (occasional) profit. I try to stay current with software, semiconductors and computing and fascinated by capital markets, finance and marketing.

I received my BSEE from StonyBrook University and an Executive MBA from University of California San Diego. Played guitar since a teen and still play with the http://www.encinitasguitarorchestra.com/ I'm a blackbelt with Shotokan Karate of America http://ska.org/ where I studied and taught for many years.

But I'm still thinking about what I want to do when I grow up... www.linkedin.com/pub/jeff-teza/0/895/155/


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